Program Description

A program/ center that offers high level expertise and quality care to patients with complex disorders of their digestive tract that needs or can benefit from minimally invasive advanced, interventional and therapeutic endoscopy procedures in a universal spectrum.
Though some cases can be evaluated and managed independently and closely coordinated with referring physician/surgeon, others benefit from a multidisciplinary approach incorporating pathology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, surgery and medical and radiation oncology.

Services and procedures are performed by Dr. Ramberan, a 3rd tier advanced fellowship trained therapeutic and interventional gastroenterologist (aka interventional endoscopist) supported by a team of experienced specialty trained nurses and endoscopy technician with state of the art technology.

These are services and procedures recommended to be performed only by trained, qualified and experienced endoscopists to ensure consistent, successful and quality patient outcomes, minimizing complications from procedure risks and in addition to offering patients lesser invasive acceptable options of therapy.

Quality metrics are logged and reviewed periodically to follow success, outcomes and complication rates. New technologies and accessories are constantly being “evaluated, tested and used” as they become available and in most cases before they are launched for sale.

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